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SLT PQ Series (ONE)

The SLT PQ Series is the only Corporate Race supported by SportSG and Superleague Triathlon. With a Physical Race as its exciting finale and a digital mass employee engagement dashboard for all fitness levels prior to the Race, this event is tailored for all corporates.

No other employee wellness programme combines a digital platform with qualification for a live event.
Pro-Athlete Integration and Alignment with a global pro league; Olympians and World Champions driving inspiration 
Content Focused on driving activity, designed to motivate and educate  employees 
Bring Corporates together in battle to become the fastest Company. Plenty of networking opportunities too
Using the power of #IAMSuperleague to encourage corporates to  improve their physical & mental well being
Physical Quotient (PQ) Digital Dashboard

Easy to use digital platform for mass employee engagement. Clock #PQ points with any exercise (10 minutes minimum). Form your teams and join in the fun! Complete Challenges for extra points! Check out the leaderboards as you start your day! It's compatible with almost all fitness trackers. 
Singapore's Own Corporate Race!

As a Finale after the #SLT #PQ Digital dashboard event, we bring together the top 20 fighters (of each company) from all participating Corporates to fight! It's the race of a thousand with 50 corporate flags flying high! Best time combined wins! Plenty of  networking opportunities too! #BattleOn!
World's First Merging 'E' with Sports Live!

Using the power of Superleague Triathlon's PQ Digital Dashboard with pro athletes' content to encourage Corporates to  improve their physical & mental well being! Motivating all to get healthier just that few steps, laps or stretches more! Enjoy the Virtual PQ then come for the Physical Race!
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